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Empowering the 3rd sector

The third-sector enjoys immense good will but the lack of resources often put charities at a technical disadvantage.

We at Teque are committed to balance this equation and help charities take full advantage of the latest technology.

One of Teque’s aims as a ‘tech-for-good’ company is to enhance the capacity of charities striving to alleviate social ills by enabling them to take full advantage of the available technology. Digital skills help charities increase their impact, efficiency and sustainability and achieve their vision. They are essential for charities to be relevant and to fulfil their purpose. Digital can help charities to not only reach more people but also to free up time and resources to focus on human intervention where it is needed most. We are excited to work with forward-thinking and progressive charities that use data insights to measure their impact and make informed decisions.

A study conducted by Tech Trust discovered that most partner charities they interviewed (58%) did not have a defined digital strategy. The charities that did were reported to be more optimistic about the future of their organisations than those without. 92% of the charities with a digital strategy, reported they had:

Often charities feel overwhelmed by the vast array of options available and find it difficult to know how to proceed. Having Teque at their side, given our expertise in this area, the charities can feel assured that they are working at their optimum level.

Why Teque as a Tech Partner?
We are uniquely positioned and ideally placed to support charities for a number of reasons:


Our team includes members who have worked with charities at the highest strategic levels. In addition, having delivered solutions for a number of charities/non-profit organisations, Teque has an excellent grasp of the typical needs within the sector. Coupling that with an understanding of how technology can enhance and increase efficiency, Teque is therefore uniquely positioned and ideally placed to support charities. In the year 2019, we helped a small charity grow their online revenue stream by 38% compared to the previous year.


No charity can afford to go it alone in digital. Building successful partnerships with tech organisations is key. We want to establish long term relationships that reflect our mutual desire to do good. In today’s fast-moving competitive market, business needs evolve rapidly and require agility from stakeholders and partners alike. Digital moves fast and is constantly evolving. Charities who deploy digital successfully constantly test, learn from and improve their strategies, tactics and the technologies they use, ensuring it is part of continuous improvement. For this reason, we adopt Agile methodology to deliver a quick return on our clients’ investment by working in small iterations and pivoting as the business needs dictate.


We will take time to understand and explore the intricacies of your operations, listening to your requirements, understanding the impact any solutions will have on the organisation as a whole, in the short and long term, and on all those involved in the process. We’ll start by researching and gaining a deep understanding of your user’s situation, behaviours, attitudes, problems and goals. We won’t just do this at the outset but will continue to ensure that your service meets those user needs, with ongoing user testing and research, constantly adapting our solutions where required. We’ll create road maps to fully develop the capacity of every function, and will provide a bespoke, unique solution, tailored to your needs, to increase efficiency.


The potential for social organisations to catalyse their operations and accelerate their impact is tremendous. Together, we can digitally transform the charity, which fundamentally changes how the charity operates and delivers value to both service users, members and donors. We empower the charities to make informed, data-driven decisions in this area, and to develop the relevant plans. We enable the charities to automate their processes to ensure the data flows seamlessly and feeds into their KPIs, and to adopt business practices to ensure they can compete effectively in an increasingly digital world, bringing them closer to “digital maturity”


We monitor digital trends to offer you the most cutting edge technology and the most advanced solutions if they best suit the charity’s needs.


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