Birnberg Peirce

First Web Presence

Birnberg Peirce needed a mobile responsive, easily accessible website.

Teque rebranded the firm, and designed, developed and launched their first web presence.


Birnberg Peirce

Birnberg Peirce is a long-established prestigious law firm, committed to upholding of the civil rights and liberties. Some of its landmark cases include the Birmingham Six, the Guildford Four, the 1989 Hillsborough disaster and Julian Assange. Its celebrated partner, Gareth Peirce’s role in the defence of the Guildford Four was dramatised in the 1993 film, In the Name of the Father, with Peirce portrayed by Emma Thompson.




Due to the firm’s reputation built over decades of success stories, the need for web presence was seldom felt. But by passage of time, it became evidently clear to the firm that many clients in need of their services were unable to get in touch with ease, simply due to their complete lack of web presence, given that the internet has become the primary source of information for many.

Just as it was vital for the firm to be found on the internet, it was equally important for it to direct enquiries to the right departments and to present most frequently sought after information about their services, to increase the efficiency with which they interact with their clients. Mobile responsiveness was another important requirement so clients in need with mobile phones can call the firm with a simple tap on the screen.


To meet the firm’s expectations, Teque arranged a number of meetings with the client to identity the grand vision and the desired outcome the firm has in mind. This helped Teque clearly define the project’s scope and outline a number of preliminary steps needed to achieve the objective.

One of these was the challenge of creating a modern web experience with a very old brand identity. After some deliberation with Teque, the firm came to conclusion that there is indeed a case for a slight rebranding of the firm, for a modern web design to work harmoniously with the new identity. Hence, Teque cleverly reworked the identity such that it retains some aspects of the old branding, thus remaining identifiable, while giving it a fresh and modern look at the same time.

After rebranding, Teque produced several web design concepts to capture the values, culture and ethos of the firm, which followed a cycle of feedback and revisions, and ended with the final version. The bespoke design was then carefully crafted into a theme for the popular WordPress Content Management System – the firm’s and our preference – the site thoroughly tested, and the firm’s first ever website was successfully launched.

The website transformed the way the firm communicates with clients and other external bodies.

Each department was able to manage and direct external enquiries by channelling them through to right destinations, thereby saving considerable amount of administration and reception time.

Mobile responsiveness facilitated for clients to get in touch with the firm with ease. The prestigious firm finally made its mark on the internet.
Birnberg Peirce is a prestigious law firm with landmark cases that have left a positive impact in the nation’s recent history. Teque are proud to have played a small role in their history by giving them their first web presence.

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