By: Admin - May 10, 2024

My career started quite differently from most colleagues.

I initially pursued programming as a hobby. And it slowly became my side hustle while I was working full-time in other IT roles. Eventually, the side hustle became my main focus, and I moved into an office space.

There, I hired interns and trained them while also learning myself and maturing in my role. For a small team of tech enthusiasts with no business, let alone sales and marketing experience; we did quite well. Nearly all of our business was through word of mouth!

But unfortunately, that was not to continue for long. Looking back, I can see that the lack of a clear business plan, mixed with little sense of identity or direction, is why the business stagnated. Quite understandably, this led to my team outgrowing the company and jumping ship. As tough as it was at the time, I know now it was a needed stepping stone moment that ultimately taught me so much.

I never intended to become an entrepreneur, I almost sleepwalked into this role, blinded by the idea of working in the sector I was so passionate about. But I had come so far that there was no turning back. It was as if I had woken up from a beautiful dream to a reality where I was a captain of a ship with no sails and no sense of direction.

As hard as it may have been, it was a needed wake-up call that set me off on a new journey of self-discovery, growth and transformation. Which mystical travels I will discuss in more detail in future posts.

Looking back at it now, the one lesson I can never forget is that every setback is an opportunity, which may not seem obvious when we are in the eye of the storm, but sure enough, it all becomes clearer once the storm has passed.

Rough seas make strong sailors. ⛵

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